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Wind Wavers, Pennants, Cloud Busters, And Blimps

AirO-Flags, pennants, cloud busters and blimps are guaranteed to attract attention anytime of the year. Perfect for creating movement and catching the eye of your potential customers, these promotional decorations are cost effective with proven results. Perfect for any retail location, community event, festival, stadium, boat or car dealer, grand opening or big sale event.

AirO-Flags Wind Wavers
AirO-Flags are proven in attracting attention to retail locations and/or as a brand building tool and can be designed in your company colors; with your logo and company branding. AirO-Flags are also offered in stock colors or with stock messaging.
Wind Wavers

Pennants Pennants
Draw attention to your business or event with pennants! Made of double-sewn 4 gauge polyethylene on plastic covered sag-resistant rope for extra strength and durability. Many color combinations and sizes available.

Cloud Busters

Cloud Busters
These attention-grabbing, rooftop helium balloons are approximately 4-5 feet in diameter and soar from 50 to 65 feet in the air on a stream of pennants. Cloud Busters
Cloud Busters

Advertising Blimps
Advertising blimps are a cost-effective means to convey your message. They fly 150 feet above your rooftop and attract attention from miles away. Blimps are available for purchase only and the best thing is that they are reusable and changeable! Just add a banner and switch anytime you wish. Advertising Blimps
Advertising Blimps


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AirO-Flags, Pennants, Cloud Busters, Blimps
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