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Welcome to the advertising media of giant inflatable, searchlights, black signs and outdoor decorations. At first glance, it might seem like an unusual way to advertise, but satisfied business owners attest that this has become their most effective direct response advertising medium.

Attract those in your target audience that miss your newspaper, radio or television ads and the thousands of people who walk, shop or drive with-in a 2 mile radius of your business’ location. Studies conducted by Advertising Age magazine reveal that "60% of all buying decisions are made in front of or at your store’s location”. Outdoor advertising has been proven to immediately increase your walk-in business 15% to 40%.

Your business will stand out among the hundreds of businesses that your customers pass by. For years people have enjoyed the excitement that this advertising media generates for grand openings, sales promotions, festivals, special events, car dealerships, restaurants, theaters, or retail store’s. Any business will benefit from this method of advertising so why let another day pass without having this media increase your bottom line.

Call and speak to one of our marketing specialists and let them quickly advise you on which of our product lines would be best for your event.


Rich Laughlin - President
Rick Laughlin, President

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