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Specialty Inflatable

The Way To Go
When you have to make a BIG impression, a specialty balloon is an absolute must! Perfect for tradeshows, events, grand openings, gatherings, point of sale, point of purchase, concerts, brandings, discounts or anywhere that ‘words only’ just won’t do. Display your name and message in strategic locations and interchange your banners allowing you to promote various specials and events.

Alligator Inflatable Bear Inflatable Bumble Bee Inflatable Bowling Pin Inflatable
Clown Inflatable Cowbody Inflatable American Bald Eagle Inflatable Elephant Inflatable Balloons
Fat Banner Inflatable Globe Inflatable Godzilla Inflatable
King Kong Inflatable

Panda Bear Inflatable

Turtle Inflatable Whale Inflatable


Cold Air Inflatables
are constructed of coated nylon fabrics and require a constant supply of forced air from an electrically operated heavy-duty blower. They can be installed on rooftops, lawn spaces, parking lots or off-site locations and are secured with heavy duty tether straps. Lighting systems can also be installed which makes this form of advertising effective 24 hours a day. Sizes range from 6 ft (1.8m) to 45 ft (10.5m) or higher.

Hot-Air Shape Inflatables
Specialty Inflatables
Custom Inflatables
Seasonal Inflatables
Dancing Inflatables
Portable Signs
AirO-Flags, Pennants, Cloud Busters, Blimps
Vinyl Banners


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