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Hot Air Shape Inflatables
Odds are you have already forgotten the radio or TV commercial you heard this morning. However, a giant 3-story, colorful, advertising balloon is hard to forget days if not weeks later. Our customers experience a 15-40% increase in walk-in traffic with inflatable advertising. Inflatable advertising produces greater results at lower costs than any other form of advertising media. When day turns to night, our inflatables keep working with a special lighting system giving 24-hour exposure. Call us today....to experience the proven results inflatable advertising will create for you.

Hot Air Balloon Hot Air Balloon Hot Air Balloon Hot Air Balloon
Hot Air Balloon Hot Air Balloon Hot Air Balloon Hot Air Balloon


Cold Air Inflatables
are constructed of coated nylon fabrics and require a constant supply of forced air from an electrically operated heavy-duty blower. They can be installed on rooftops, lawn spaces, parking lots oor off-site locations and are secured with heavy duty tether straps. Lighting systems can also be installed which makes this form of advertising effective 24 hours a day. Sizes range from 6 ft (1.8m) to 45 ft (10.5m) or higher.

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