Minnesota Searchlight And Balloons


Temporary Signs - A Matter Of Money

MANKATO - “We track our traffic,” says a Mankato auto dealer, ”and our traffic increases by 25 percent when we use our black signs. Because of that our sales go up”.

Blimps R Us

Dear ___,
I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how happy we are with our blimp. I have enclosed photographs you may wish to use to promote your products. With our blimp, we have made the front page of the paper, and were a feature story on the radio and the TV news. In all, we let everyone know who we were and where we are located. I truly believe that we receive great value from our blimp and have lots of fun with it.

Thanks for your help,

Tremendous Marketing Success

MN Searchlight & Balloons,

We write to express our most sincere thanks for our tremendous marketing success. Our store is located along a very busy highway that each day carries many thousands of drivers past our location. We sought to advertise on one of the billboards along the highway, but they were booked for months. That’s when we started looking for other forms of advertising. Once we used your balloons and black signs, we saw a 30% jump in our sales during the next days and weeks which represents a tremendous return on our investment.

We would say to any business owner contemplating this form of advertising, if you’ve got the space - you need to invest in what works!!!

Excellent Attention Getter

Attention: __________,

We were a little nervous about trying such a new and different type of advertising but after the two nights with your powerful and bright searchlight, we were sold on this form of “attention getting”. We look forward to our grand opening balloon set to go up in two weeks. We are excited at how fast new customers have started noticing our store and how we have succeeded in capturing our tarket market as well as getting the word out about what we have to offer. Thanks so much for your friendly and professional service.

See you in two weeks!

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